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This tutorial series will teach you how to use the Simple Directmedia Layer in your video games. It assumes you have some knowledge of the C++ programming language. It does not use advanced features of C++, but you should at least know what a pointer is before getting started.

Part 1 - What is the SDL?

This tutorial will explain to you what the SDL is and why it is useful for video game production.

Part 2 - Setting up the SDL libraries

In this tutorial, you will set up the SDL in the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Integrated Developer Environment (IDE). This will allow you to build SDL applications and is essential to the series.

Part 3 - Your First Application

This tutorial will help you build your first SDL application. The SDL functions used in the program are explained at the end of the tutorial.

Part 4 - How to Load and Display Images

This tutorial will show you how you can load and display .bmp image files in your SDL window.

Part 5 - Dealing with Time

This tutorial explains how to use SDL_GetTicks() to control the motion of objects on the screen.

Part 6 - Displaying Text with SDL_ttf

This tutorial introduces the SDL_ttf library; an extension to the core SDL library. It demonstrates how to display text on screen by loading a font and rendering a text string to an SDL surface.

Part 7 - Simple Keyboard Input using the SDL

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to get keyboard input using the SDL library.

Part 8 - Simple Keyboard Input using the SDL Continued

This tutorial will show you a different way to get keyboard input using the SDL. It covers the event-driven approach to getting keyboard input.

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